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Maintaining the brick on your home is not only is important for its historical value but also for the structure of the home. If bricks suffer from breakage or cracks, it affects the climate in your home as air moves through them. Crumbling / leaning columns or chimneys can become dangerous on the home and for the residence. In addition maintaining the bricks on your home can increases the value of your property.  





Tuckpointing is important when placing bricks. mortar is used in the mortar joints, which allows the bricks to lay evenly and protect your home from air passing in or out of your home. Mortar is matched with original color so it blends in.   


Since chimneys are not seen on ones eye level, they are sometimes forgotten. Over time and weather conditions chimneys tend to deteriorate. Although many do not notice major or minor damages to the chimney, These damages decrease the value of your home   

Stones are a great way to design homes, patios, fireplaces, sidewalks, etc... Overtime stones also crack or break and need to be replaced. Just like brick, stones protect your home from loss of temperature. 


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